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CNC machining

Edit:管理员   Browse:1692  Date:2018/2/7
CNC lathe machining precision machining process, it is generally held in the NC machine tool parts processing. CNC machine tool is a kind of machine to control the machine tool, used to control the machine tool of the machine, whether it is a dedicated machine, or general strategy machine are collectively referred to as CNC system. CNC machine tools activities and funding initiatives are controlled by the instruction issued by the CNC system.
And the instruction of the numerical control system is based on the material of the work piece, the processing request, the machine tool characteristic and the system instruction pattern (the numerical control language or the mark). All kinds of activities to serve the CNC system according to the pace of instruction and other results of the dressing unit from running or end information to control the machine. When the part of the processing step is over, the machine will automatically stop. Any numerical control machine tool, in its numerical control system if has not entered the step instruction, the numerical control machine tool cannot do.
Mechanical processing machine controlled machine starting, probably including measures to stop; start and stop rotation bias and a change in the rotational speed of the spindle; feeding activity bias, speed, essentials; tool selection, length and radius compensation; tool change coolant open, closed.
CNC machine tools from the beginning of the selection of a large surface with gray machine parts as processing things, for ordinary processing essentials difficult to handle the key. NC machining is the biggest feature of the use of punched tape (or tape) to control the automatic processing machine.
Due to the different characteristics of the ash machine, rocket and engine parts, the size of the ash machine and the rocket is zero, the size of the component is large, and the face of the engine is large.
As a result, there is a difference in the CNC machine tools used in the machining of the ash machine, the rocket manufacturing sector, and the engine manufacturing department. The main large NC milling machine in the ash machine and rocket manufacturing to receive continuous control, while in engine manufacturing accepting both CNC machine and continuous control, also accepted the position control of CNC machine tools (such as CNC drilling machine, CNC boring machine, machining center etc.).
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