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Edit:管理员   Browse:2086  Date:2018/3/27
Now China's large aircraft manufacturing is one of the important directions for the future development of China's aviation industry, the development of large aircraft requires high support, elegant, sharp related technologies. The wall part is very large which is widely used in large aircraft, large scale (20 meters) in length direction of the wall part, this part has a large size, complex structure, high precision, large aircraft manufacturing structure become difficult.
Very large wall parts have different vulnerabilities to enhance the overall structure, such as rods due to high dimensional accuracy requirements, most of the production of CNC processing means to complete. The development of China made large aircraft structure for large parts of the wall, the accuracy requirements are as follows: network and rod thickness tolerance of + / - 0.15 mm, rod high tolerance of + / - 0.2 mm, the outer surface of the platform, distortion of not more than 5 mm, not encouraged. The processing of the whole structure is very large, and the precision can meet the above requirements, so it is necessary to have a scientific and reasonable machining deformation control technology to meet the processing requirements.
Study on control technology of super large wall parts machining deformation control technology the deformation, the verification in practical machining deformation control technology, super large wall part can effectively control the deformation of the general machining accuracy of 0.2 mm, and achieved good results, and has important practical application value.
Whole process deformation control process
The whole process of super large parts of the wall were analyzed, and the blank of high tensile Aluminum Alloy in full size, finally formed a "surface smooth, asymmetric structure side" of the integral panel, under normal circumstances, the material removal rate reached 95%. Create Pre Stretch Aluminum Alloy plate in the process of machining deformation is mainly caused by the residual stress release, especially the large size parts processing process, removal rate, if not a good solution to this problem is the residual stress release, easily lead to machining and processing of large deformation, resulting in super size difference scrap or product does not meet the requirements.
Combined with the very large wall part of the machining process the following deformation is set to control the whole process. The process includes: the large size of the edge groove, the positioning of the surface finishing, roughing, seasoning, vacuum clamp, online measurement allowance and completion, etc.. A large margin pocket release blank, the main purpose of residual stress does not form the feature size, should be blank force release mainly through quickly remove large surplus material residual, is the key to control the deformation process; positioning surface finishing, rough machining residual stress release of crude and natural aging, and further release the residual stress, a uniform allowance part blank has been formed in the process of machining, and natural aging, easier to control the machining deformation. Vacuum fixture and process to complete the online measurement of margin, vacuum clamp is a clamping part to ensure stability, through the change of on-line measurement after rough machining and natural aging allowance, to adjust the process to ensure the accuracy of the feature size, ready to finish the finishing process after the completion of the panel into processing, precision parts processing cnc.
Each process large wall parts processing the above process, each process considering the release pressure and uniform pressure to control the machining deformation of parts, regardless of feature size is not rough machining process or precision machining process, deformation control is an important part of the parts processing and analysis, to achieve the overall control of machining deformation the control effect of deformation is to ensure the machining accuracy of parts.
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