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Precision machinery parts processing method

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Machine tool parts: box, base, main shaft, flange, sheet metal, etc.. Corresponding to different processes have different equipment, is the most common lathe (including CNC lathe, milling machine, planer, grinder,), rocker drilling, wire cutting machine, heat treatment furnace etc.. The military industry of large propeller must use five axis four linkage machine tool.
Machining method of shaft parts and machining technology
Material length: 129mm
Three clip clip, car ends to length: 124mm
The two ends of the pin hole
Two top nail clamp, rough, semi refined car outside the car, chamfer, grinding wheel groove, the grinding element 0.3mm,
M21 * 1 screw teeth
Inspection, semi finished goods warehouse
Fine grinding each external element to drawing size
Inspection, storage, anti rust oil
(1) rough truck
The rough 0.5MM diameter of each step is left with a 1.5MM margin
(2) fine car one
Double top threaded end, pay attention to the 5MM steps and the two sides of the groove as the size of.5mm step is not a U-turn to control the length of double top.
(3) fine car two
Double top car diameter of 16 steps.
The car can be replaced by grinding, there is no need for external grinding
Four knife, completed 90 degrees garden knife, 2MM knife, alloy threading cutter, anti vehicle 90 degrees circular knife. (1) blank 22MM chuck 134MM, clamping and machining first rib cut escrape, around 1000 to pick, two knife complete. (2) the first conductor 28 20 left rough allowance. Then leave the 20 conductor 53 coarse fine car allowance, and then finishing finishing 20MM to 16MM. diameter and size requirements. (3) cut the length of the cutting knife with a length of 23, the diameter of 16MM to the 16 positive 20. (4) anti vehicle 90 degree knife finishing 16MM to size requirements, (5) the first cutting knife cut into 4.5 14MM diameter cut by 0.5 2 Cao, Cao, finally cut off. Suitable for single and batch processing, dimensional tolerances can be fully processed. This method is mainly concerned with the problem of coaxiality.
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